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All Hard Work Yields a Profit.

All hard work yields a profit. This was the original motto of Aurora Charter School, now Aurora Academic Charter School, at its inception. Now, more than twenty years later, alumni of Aurora can boast a strong tradition of excellence in diligence, dedication, academic achievement, and most of all, character.


The best choice for highly structured and enhanced academics.


Innovation, Hard Work, Empowerment, Respect and Integrity, Empathy and Compassion


Empower learning excellence through sequenced instruction in a student-centered environment, supported by families. Instruction is informed by research and delivered in a whole group setting with a focus on academic rigour and mastery.


Charter Schools are self-governing, non-profit public schools designed to provide innovative or enhanced education programs that improve the attainment of student skills and knowledge.  Charter Schools have characteristics that set them apart from other public schools in meeting the needs of a particular group of students through a specific program or teaching/learning approach while following Alberta Education’s Program of Studies.


Aurora School is a public school and follows the Alberta Education curriculum as set by the Minister of Education.  We are not a private school or part of another school board such as Edmonton Public Schools and receive our funding from public school taxes.  We are governed by a parent-elected Board of Directors. 


“Aurora” is a Latin word meaning, “the rising light of morning; dawn of day; a beginning.” This meaning exemplifies the spirit and attitude of parents who believe Aurora School to be a new beginning for their children.

Aurora School is a publicly funded charter school that reports to and is monitored by Alberta Education, with no formal ties or responsibilities to other local school boards. As with all charter schools, Aurora receives from Alberta Education the same per capita grant as children in the public or separate system, except that it does not receive any special education grants. There are no tuition fees.

 Aurora School’s charter was granted on May 16, 1996 and the school opened its doors on September 9, 1996, to 280 Kindergarten to Grade 8 students.  In September of 1997, we added Grade 9. Our present enrollment is 800.

In September 2008, we moved to our present location at the former Sherbrooke School in the north-end. The school has undergone a complete renovation, giving us the beautiful facility we have today. As we enter our 21st academic year we have completed a number of renovations to expand the facility for increased student growth. The new renovations include a home economics room, science lab, learning commons, and several new classrooms and administrative offices.  We are currently building an elevator to improve accessibility, and plans are underway to develop more space and create improvements in the elementary school.

Aurora School wishes to promote the characteristics of “effective schools,” as outlined in our philosophy. Aurora’s attitude is that average children, when presented with an orderly and structured environment and the presence of properly sequenced teacher-directed classroom instruction, can excel in an academically oriented program.

Aurora School, as a publicly funded institution, must adhere to Alberta Education’s Program of Studies. All of Aurora’s teachers are fully certified. Aurora School has also developed a curriculum that embellishes most subject areas at every grade level. This has been achieved by acquiring texts appropriate to Aurora’s purposes and by developing curricular materials suitable to meet the requirements of its charter.

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