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Students are assessed to place and no child will be turned away when a space is available. Students are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis; when there are no available spaces they enter into Aurora's waitlist process, as outlined below. 

Beginning in 2026-2027, the process will be:

  • First priority is given to prospective students whose siblings are already in the program.  These students must have the potential to benefit from the educational services provided by Aurora.

  • Second priority is given to children of Aurora employees.

  • The remaining positions are reserved for

    • local children (10%)

    • The remainder of positions are through a weighted lottery. For each year a child is on the waitlist, the child earns one entry into the lottery.  Entries are electronic and managed through an electronic system. The lottery is held once per year, where names are drawn to fill vacant seats.


When there is an available space, the placement process is as follows: 


  • Prospective students and their parents/guardians attend a meeting with the school administration to go over basic elements of Aurora’s program.

  • Students are assessed to determine whether they are at grade level in mathematics and English

    • For placement in Kindergarten this assessment is based on verbal responses, fine motor skills, and the ability to follow sequenced directions or instructions. 

    • For placement in Grade 1 and above, a written assessment is used.

  • The above assessments will determine where in Aurora the student will best succeed and which supports will be provided to that student.  

Parents wishing to register at Aurora School will need to place their child(ren) on the waitlist by creating a Family Zone Waitlist Account.

Re-registration for current students at Aurora School is held in February.  Starting in March, we begin our registration process to fill any openings from the waitlist.

Register for waitlist.

Register here.


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