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school re-entry plan

The Aurora Academic Charter School 2020-2021 School Re-entry Plan was developed with a focus on meeting students’ academic, mental health and well-being needs while ensuring a safe re-entry for all. Staff worked closely with Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services to create the plan based on directives given by Alberta Education and recommendations from the Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health.


COVID-19 Division Re-entry Strategy 2020

Read our COVID-19 Re-entry Strategy to learn more about how we've planned for learning and safety.


Screening Questionnaire - all parents/guardians/students must use this questionnaire daily to decide if the student should attend school.

Screening Questionnaire in Multiple Languages -  once on the webpage, click on Daily Health Checks to access the COVID-19 screening checklist in your preferred language.


COVID-19 Translated Documents- click here to access documents in your preferred language. 

Chief Medical Officer of Health - Letter to Parents

How Long to Stay Home From School  - The amount of time a student needs to stay home from school depends on the type of symptoms.


Questions and Answers about School Re-Entry 2020-2021 - FAQ regarding common questions about re-entry.


Elementary Learning Resources - Resources for students in grades K-4.

Ready for the Next School Year in Aurora Elementary 📽️ - a video message from Mrs. Harmon and Mrs. Healy.

Middle School Learning Resources - Resources for students in grades 5-9.


Guidance for School Re-entry: Scenario 1 - In-school classes resume (near normal with health measures).

2020-2021 School Re-entry Plan - Plan for all COVID-19 scenarios.

Get the Facts: Back to Class - Returning to daily in-class learning at schools.

Parents' Guide - Return to near normal daily in-school classes with health measures.

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