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A U R O R A   A C A D E M I C   C H A R T E R   S C H O O L

B O A R D   U P D A T E

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APRIL 21, 2023 | VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 4







Every month we will share an element from our charter and a piece of trivia to help our school families understand a little more about Aurora.

This month, we would like to share a little about what your children learn in school:

Like all public schools in Alberta, AACS students are responsible for learning the Program of Studies, better known as the provincial curriculum. In addition to this, however, our students learn additional curriculum known as the Scope & Sequence, which takes a deep dive into ensuring improved understanding and knowledge of the subject matter.

And an interesting crumb of trivia:

In the early days of Aurora, horseback riding was almost put into school policy!

Have an awesome April!

Ian Gray, Superintendent


Starting next year, AACS high school will offer more option courses for our students.  Through Ignite Online Learning, students in grades nine through eleven will be able to enrol in up to 10 credits worth of courses. Summer school courses are also being offered and are filling up quickly.


We are currently working with AACS staff, university, community, and professional research and innovation partners in the planning and delivery of an inspirational seminar for our grade ten students, focused on research, innovation, and post-secondary education, which will culminate in the Aurora Festival of Research and Innovation in May of 2023, the specific date still to be determined.


At the April Meeting of the Board of Directors, the following policy passed the third and final reading:

2151 BP: Role of the Superintendent
The Superintendent is a critical functionary and plays an integral role in the administration and operations of Aurora School. This policy provides guidance and clarity of the Superintendent’s role pursuant to the Education Act.

At the April Meeting of the Board of Directors, the following policy passed the third and final repeal:

6140 BP: Provincial Assessment Results

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